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Hyundai 3D video wall at ISE

Ian McMurray 7 February 2011
Hyundai 3D video wall at ISE

Hyundai IT demonstrated its full line-up of display solutions at ISE, including what the company described as the world’s first 3D video wall. With a diagonal of 138”, it comprises nine (3 x 3) stereoscopic 3D displays (Hyundai’s new S468FL) and features  almost seamless bezels giving an inter-screen gap of only 7.3 mm.The 3D effect is achieved using polarised filters on both the displays as well as on the passive 3D-glasses. The company said that the integrated 3D-Formatter makes it possible to display common 3D video formats without any further accessories.

For operations in outdoor areas, Hyundai presentedfor the first time an outdoor display with a diagonal of 70”. The company said that its housing that meets the requirement of IP 55 to 65, its intelligent cooling and heating system and its special LCD panels (which can operate in temperatures up to 105° C, making it lesss susceptible to the ‘blackouts’ that can occur through overheating) make it appropriate for any climate and weather conditions. Optional features include panels with LED backlight, auto-brightness sensors and touch screen functionality as well as UV- and anti-graffiti protection.

Also on show on the Hyundai stand were public displays equipped with integrated motion- and auto-brightness sensors. If no motion is detected, the display automatically switches to stand-by mode. The auto-brightness sensor continuously measures the ambient brightness and adjusts the panel’s brightness accordingly. Transflective panels use the ambient light in order to increase the panel’s brightness. With almost 40% less power consumption compared to ‘regular’ displays, these new panels are said by Hyundai to be much more eco-friendly.

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