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Hurricane Evo hits the UK

Andrew Brister 21 July 2010

Waterfall Audio has launched Hurricane Evo, a complete upgrade of its Hurricane speaker to offer the consumer discrete, compact audio solutions for home cinema/hi-fi and custom installation applications.

The new incarnation is not a simple name change but in fact a complete upgrade in drivers, tweeters and body. Evo features Waterfall’s glass design expertise, whilst offering high-performance sound. Evo is offered with three mounting solutions: on-wall, tabletop and stand-mount. It is also now available in three body colours: black, white and silver with matching grilles; (orange and green ‘fashion’ grilles are also available.)

The Evo satellite loudspeaker is also available in 2.1 configuration for home audio and home cinema use. This configuration is supplied with Waterfall’s HF2 (High Force 2) compact, active subwoofer, which boasts 150 watts of dynamic, on-board amplification, delivered through a 9-inch bass driver. 

Waterfall Audio is distributed in the UK by Invision UK.

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