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Humantechnik wants speech clarity for all

Paddy Baker 10 February 2014
Humantechnik wants speech clarity for all

Among the audiological products on display on the Humantechnik stand at ISE 2014 was the PRO IR-200 infrared master transmission/modulator unit. This is designed to spread the audio signal into a room at a broad angle; when it is coupled with PRO IR-201 slave units, which can be mounted on top of each other and rotated as required, the coverage can reach 360º.

Infrared signal modulation on 2.3MHz and/or 2.8MHz is said to ensure trouble-free audio transmission.

According to Gerhard Sicklinger, CEO of Humantechnik/AUDIOropa, it is the aim of the company to make it possible for everybody to understand the spoken word, whether they be hearing-aid users, users of installed systems or other hearing impaired people not in possession of such equipment.

“Audiological systems are the core of our AUDIOropa product range at ISE 2014: FM and infrared transmission as well as loop systems for direct inductive input to hearing aids and other assistive devices for people with affected sense of hearing,” said Sicklinge. “These systems can be used as standalone, but they can also serve to complement every audio system – stationary or mobile – for example when involved in conference and event technology, tour guiding or also bidirectionally in team teaching applications.”


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