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IHSE introduces largest KVM switch on the market

Paddy Baker 17 August 2015
IHSE Draco tera K480-576

IHSE has announced the first 576-port non-blocking single-frame KVM matrix switch. The Draco tera enterprise K480-576 switch provides a high-performance, modular and flexible KVM switching system for 24/7 distribution of high-resolution KVM signals.

Enterprise-sized command and control rooms, as well as broadcast studios, are experiencing a growing demand for larger non-blocking, hybrid (CatX and fibre) KVM infrastructures with no performance limitations. The K480-576 is the first 576-port, non-blocking, KVM matrix in a single frame. It offers mix-and-match functionality to allow switching freely between UTP (Cat5e/6) extenders and fibre optic extenders.

IHSE has doubled the maximum number of available I/O ports in the 288-port Draco tera enterprise switch, resulting in the largest high-performance KVM matrix switch on the market – with a relatively compact frame size of 25 RU. Each of its 576 ports can serve as an input or output. It is a true, non-blocking matrix which overcomes the potential blocking effects of grid lines in a matrix of several smaller KVM switches and the adverse performance effects experienced when connecting multiple KVM-over-IP switches by a backbone link of limited bandwidth.

The Draco tera enterprise series provides high-performance modular matrix systems for bidirectional signal distribution of high definition video, audio and data over CatX, multi-mode and single-mode fibre. High-definition video signals including DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI are supported as well as analogue and digital audio formats and USB 2.0/3.0 data signals. Using XV fibre cards, the Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix switch offers tremendous scalability with cost-effective features supporting Ultra High Definition up to 4K at 4096 x 2160 resolutions.

The K480-576 supports fully redundant system architecture, including fully redundant power and hot swappable modules for full service and field upgrades without interrupting signal flow. The entire redundancy concept features redundant interconnections from the CPU (source end) to the matrix switch to the redundant CON Unit (workstation end). In the case of an interconnection failure, the redundant link ensures continuous and uninterrupted communication between the CON Unit and CPU unit: transmission faults are automatically detected and indicated. Data flow is instantly switched to the secondary transmission link.

With the advanced control interface for Draco tera enterprise matrixes, operators have the option to manage switching through an on-screen display, the Java-based Draco tera tool or an RS232 serial interface. The frame can also be controlled via any third party external control system with the available API protocol design package.

The K480-576 will be available for live demonstration at IBC in Amsterdam, 11-15 September 2015, alongside IHSE’s full range of high-performance KVM switching and extension technology.

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