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How Building Information Modelling (BIM) WILL impact your workflow

Jo Ruddock 4 January 2012
How Building Information Modelling (BIM) WILL impact your workflow

A quiet revolution is taking place in architecture and construction that fundamentally alters the fabric of the audiovisual design and integration business. This revolution is the increased utilisation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the design, build and maintenance of constructed facilities.

Modelling allows designers to view the building and its contents from any angle, revealing potential problems at early stages so that correction occurs before integration. BIM impacts Green analysis and becomes a vehicle for facility installation and future maintenance. At 1.00pm on Tuesday, 31 January, Dr Walter P Black, founder and CTO of VidCAD, will present an InfoComm workshop focusing on how BIM changes integrator workflow. The session will also offer guidelines on using BIM and on working with BIM consultants. Dr Walter P Black founded VidCAD, the design and documentation automation software, 25 years ago, and has worked with AV integrators and broadcasters worldwide to improve engineering productivity and documentation effectiveness. He presented papers on Engineering Standards at InfoComm 2011 and Design Automation at NAB. Before starting VidCAD, Dr Black integrated broadcast and AV systems throughout the Southwest United States. He is an authority on CAD standards and AutoCAD integration and automation. He is a member of the InfoComm BIM Standards and CEA/CEDIA/InfoComm Drawing Symbols Standard Working Groups, the US National CAD Standards Committee and the US National BIM Standards Committee. Click here to pre-register for this class and to view InfoComm’s ISE 2012 education listing online

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