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Historic Moscow theatre upgrades with APG

David Davies 6 December 2011
Historic Moscow theatre upgrades with APG

As part of a five-year renovation programme, Moscow’s Theatre of Nations has been equipped with an APG loudspeaker system devised, supplied and installed by Doka Center.

The Russian pro-AV specialist also supplied the fully motorised lighting and staging systems.

Audio-wise, the complete main system comprises 6 APG DS15 for the main system (a central cluster of two DS15s with two single DS15s per side), with two more hidden on a balcony dedicated to acoustic effects. Each of the 12 private boxes is equipped with an MX1 in white, while a further eight MX1s act as front-fills. The stage monitoring system comprises a further two DS15s supplemented by four MX4s, with a powerful BM3000C cabinet per side handling stage effects. Two TB218S subs have been supplied for low frequency reinforcement. The entire system is driven by Lab.gruppen C Series amplifiers, with APG processing technology also part of the core spec.

Further APG loudspeakers will be added during a second phase of renovation that is set to take place early in 2012 and will concentrate on the overhaul of the theatre’s smaller hall.

Doka Center’s head of sound, Sergei Yurchenko, commented: “We specified an APG system because we have complete confidence in both the products and the company. We have a vast experience of the brand and we know that we can always deliver a top quality solution using their products, especially as we can accurately predict the results using EASE software.”

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