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High-speed HDMI cable from Sommer

Jo Ruddock 8 July 2010
High-speed HDMI cable from Sommer

Said to be particularly suited to laying in cable ducts, SC-Transit incorporates an integrated, high-speed Ethernet cable capable of a network data rate of up to 100Mbit/s.

By using a back channel (audio return channel), sound signals from a DVB tuner can be sent directly from a domestic TV to a home cinema AV receiver and from there to a set of speakers.

The cable comprises: 5 x 2 x 0.22sqmm + 4 x 0.22sqmm wires (AWG 24) in a "rugged" 9.8mm PVC sleeve with a high-quality triple screen made of wire mesh plus AL/PT foil and a shield wire. It’s compatible with all former HDMI standards.

In addition to a cable strain relief and a sleeve support, Sommer’s compliant HICON HDMI metal soldering connector HI-HDMI-M has a large contact face to achieve optimum damping values and low transfer resistances.

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