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HD Progressive makes screens disappear

Installation Staff 12 February 2015

As projection resolution advances, pixel preservation becomes much more important to preserve the clarity of your image, which is why Projecta is extending the use of Da-Lite’s high-resolution HD Progressive screen surface to a wider range of products.

HD Progressive is now available in its Tensioned Elpro Concept (for wall or ceiling mounting with tab tensioning for a perfectly flat surface), ceiling-mounted Tensioned Descender and the fixed-frame HomeScreen Deluxe projection screens.

The chemistry for HD Progressive screens is formulated to create a surface free of microscopic variances allowing the screen to essentially disappear, making it suitable for HD, 4K and Ultra HD projection, or where users require a high level of colour fidelity and image uniformity (broadcasting or post production). It is also useful for front projection edge blending, or where a perfect image is vital (such as simulation, medical and design work).

HD Progressive is available in a 0.6, 0.9, 1.1 and 1.3 gain versions and has a very wide viewing angle.

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