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Harman Soundcraft Si Expression 3 audio console supports sermons in New Jersey Coptic church

Paddy Baker 7 June 2013
Harman Soundcraft Si Expression 3 audio console supports sermons in New Jersey Coptic church

St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church in East Brunswick, NJ, US has just had a Harman Soundcraft Si Expression 3 audio console installed by South River, New Jersey-based GMT Electronics.

When considering a new console for St Mary’s, GMT’s Michael Matta required a board that offers ease of use and high-quality mixing capabilities. “What I like about the Si Expression is its simplicity because you don’t have to use a lot of menus or sub-menus while mixing, which can be distracting for live applications,” said Matta. “In addition, the built-in effects are very powerful and allow for operation without having to buy external equipment. It’s really phenomenal.”

He added: “You can start to get familiar with the Si Expression within a day or two. The average user doesn’t have to know all the features yet and can still produce a mix. You can easily learn on the go with the Si Expression.” This an important consideration for a house of worship that relies on volunteer staff to operate its audio system.

GMT Electronics and Matta are currently in the process of installing a Soundcraft Si Expression 3 at another local church. Matta also purchased a Soundcraft Si Expression 1 for GMT Electronics for a variety of applications.

As well as for houses of worship, GMT Electronics provides pro audio solutions for corporate events and conferencing environments. Matta has been a long-time Soundcraft enthusiast, both as a customer and certified dealer. “That’s the beauty of my relationship with Soundcraft. I was a customer at first and now I’m a certified dealer for a product I really love. I’ve been a fan of Soundcraft all along,” said Matta. “I’m very happy with the Soundcraft quality. We appreciate Soundcraft and what Soundcraft means to us.”

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