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HAL puts home in good mood

test 11 June 2009

The HAL digital home automated lighting and control system from Focus SB has been developed for the domestic market as an affordable option for creating mood lighting and automatic switching of non dimmable lighting, says the manufacturer. The design also facilitates the operation of devices such blinds, curtains, roof lights and can be used to reveal plasma screens in home cinema settings.

Its simple design and self commissioning capabilities not only make it easy to install and operate, but also enables the home owner to alter set scenes for themselves, as no software knowledge is required to programme or change the selected lighting scenes, the developer claims.

As this system is based on a modular concept, the HAL solution can be expanded from a very simple switching and dimming operation to offer more complex solutions such as the provision of a global control button that can turn all the lighting circuits on or off. It can also be linked with other intelligent devices such as audio and visual, CCTV or fire safety systems.

The HAL system is said to be simple to wire and can be used with majority of the decorative plates from Focus’s range, to blend with an interior design theme. These controller plates use illuminated push-buttons for operation and indication.

The control plates are connected to the dimmer system using low voltage Cat5 cable and data communication. This is supported by the HAL protocol, which has an integral self-monitoring facility. As the control panel and control plates are wired using a Cat5 dataloop, the HAL system is able to control or dim lighting from an almost unlimited number of control points.

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