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Haivision focus on Torpedo, Viper IP transmission systems

test 1 February 2012
Haivision focus on Torpedo, Viper IP transmission systems

The focus of attention on Haivision’s ISE stand is the company’s Torpedo DVB-to-IP Multicast solution. The company says that it allows enterprises to get digital broadcast transmission onto their IP networks without the need for re-encoding the video. The Torpedo gateway tunes to particular channels, as delivered over RF by the DVB antennas or satellite dishes, extracts and filters the MPEG transport stream packets, and delivers the program content over IP networks, thereby eliminating the need to re-encode. A single Torpedo can support up to 15 content channels, each rebroadcast as unicast or multicast IP video data streams. Torpedo can be used as a stand-alone solution, or it can be integrated as part of Haivision’s Furnace IP video system.
Also being highlighted by Haivision is the Viper, which supports capturing, streaming, reviewing, distributing and publishing rich, multi-stream high definition content. Sources can be high definition video or high-resolution computer encoded in real-time to H.264. During live viewing or replay of the “event”, the streams remain associated and synchronised. Both media streams are always available at full resolution, and with Haivision’s patented InStream player, the viewer can select the most appropriate display layout.

Stand: 10Q122

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