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HAI launches new application for iPhone

Ian McMurray 14 July 2010

Hot on the heels of several other iPhone-related announcements, HAI has revealed that Snap-Link Mobile for iPhone is now available in the iTunes store. By downloading the application, users can control their entire HAI home or business system from an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (in compatibility mode).

The colourful hand-held interface is similar in design to HAI’s other mobile interfaces, including Snap-Link Mobile and WL3. Available now in Apple’s iTunes Store, the application gives homeowners and business managers the ability to view event logs, undertake real-time surveillance, and adjust any systems under HAI’s control, including lights, access control, appliances, temperature, window coverings, audio and more.

Complete access to HAI Omni- or Lumina-equipped property is available in English, Catalan, Chinese, French, Italian, and Spanish. Users have the ability to adjust small settings such as wake-up time and irrigation hours, as well as the ability to show or hide specific items.

"We are happy to introduce a robust product for Apple’s affordable touchscreen devices," commented HAI president Jay McLellan. "The multiple languages, adjustable user settings, access control functions, and direct support from the manufacturer ensure it is the right application for every HAI homeowner or business owner."

Invited to consider HAI’s future objectives regarding home automation, the company’s associate director of marketing, Greg Rhoades, told IE Residential: "HAI will continue to offer robust solutions for residences and light commercial applications. We are on the heels of releasing an iPhone app, new lighting control products, a wireless driveway sensor, and metal faceplate options for our in-wall touchscreens and we are seeing a great response to those products. HAI is looking forward to the release of additional entertainment and energy-management products, including a new wireless touchscreen, additional remote access options, a music server, ZigBee energy-management products and, of course, a few unannounced goodies."

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