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HAI introduces new standalone audio solution

David Davies 16 January 2011
HAI introduces new standalone audio solution

Launched at the recent CES event, Hi-Fi 2 by HAI is a distributed audio system with both local and remote inputs for increased ease of installation.

Joining HAI’s Music Gateway – which stores and serves thousands of songs – with the Hi-Fi 2 is said to provide many enhanced features. The Hi-Fi 2 Volume Source Control (VSC) can display metadata such as artist name and song title, while homeowners can also jump through songs in their audio playlists using the VSC. Users can access songs on the 500GB hard drive and watch shared network folders for song selection.

In addition, connection between the Hi-Fi 2 and HAI’s iPhone app will soon be possible without a home a control system, allowing the user’s iPhone and iPod Touch to serve as an instant remote interface.

Due to be made available during Q1, the new package is intended for both domestic and international markets; the VSC displays multiple foreign languages, while the iPhone app is also available in several languages.

“HAI’s award-winning Hi-Fi 2 is a simple to use and affordable 8 zone 8 source multi-room audio system which uses unique Remote Input Modules (RIM) to access music sources in any room,” Allison Read, HAI director of international sales & marketing, told IE Residential. “It’s a great option for our international customers because the Volume Source Control and Music Gateway provide metadata in multiple languages such as artist name, song title, and more. Add multiple language control via HAI’s iPhone app and you have a powerful and affordable whole home music solution that is simple to install and operate.”

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