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Guifx Deana now available for iPad

David Davies 3 September 2010
Guifx Deana now available for iPad

The Deana UI Kit is currently compatible with Crestron’s Mobile Pro G iPad application, with other manufacturers to follow. Through the Crestron application, users gave complete access to the control interface and their distributed audio, video and whole-house climate, lighting and security systems from virtually anywhere in the world.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Deana UI for iPad employs Guifx’s QuicKey navigation system and a room grid layout, providing an organised method of selection and receiving feedback from rooms. Icons representing each room or zone are said to further enhance the user experience by speeding up visual recognition.

Morgan Strauss, director of operations at Guifx, commented: “The iPad is a revolutionary device that is the perfect complement to any control system. For users, the ability to access their components easily from anywhere provides the ultimate in convenience, while our Deana UI Kit gives them exactly the same experience they would have at home. Even more than that, remote access provides a great opportunity to save energy and lower utility bills. If a user leaves for work without turning off the lights, it’s not a problem. A single push of the Deana UI’s designer icons takes care of it.”

The Deana UI Kit for iPad is available for download now on Guifx’s website (link below) for $799.99, or as part of the Deana Bundle, which includes all file sizes, ranging from 240 x 320 to 1280 x 768, for $2,999.99. Updates to the Deana UI Kit, as with all Guifx products, are available for free, so customers who have already purchased the Deana Bundle may download the updated version with Crestron’s Mobile Pro G iPad functionality at no additional charge.

Strauss told IE Residential: “Europe is the second largest market for our interface designs, closely following North America. In Europe, as in other large markets we serve around the world, our Deana UI kit is currently our most popular product. In fact, our European customers choose Deana twice as much as any other GUI design.”

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