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‘Groundbreaking’ new speaker from Waterfall Audio

test 13 January 2010

The glass loudspeaker expert’s new product is a diminutive satellite speaker entitled SERIO. Now available in the UK and suitable for both hi-fi and AV applications, SERIO comes in three mounting options (on-wall, tabletop and stand-mount) and body colours (black, white and silver with matching grilles; orange and green ‘fashion’ grilles are also available).

The specification of the SERIO includes an 8cm Atohm drive unit, recommended amp of 30W to 80W, peak power of 150W, impedance of 8 (mean) and 4 (min) ohms, and a frequency response (+/-3dB) of 180Hz to 20kHz.

The satellite speaker also includes Waterfall’s patented Heatstream technology, which is said to enable “incredible levels of power handling from a compact speaker unit”.

In addition to stand-alone availability, SERIO can also be purchased as part of two packaged configurations: 2.1 for home audio and 5.1 for home cinema use. Both packages are supplied with Waterfall’s HF1 (High Force 1) compact, active subwoofer, which offers 150W of onboard amplification delivered through a 9in bass driver.

Waterfall CEO/owner Cedric Aubriot told IE Residential: “We wanted to develop a compact speaker capable of targeting a wider audience while still holding faith to our ‘clear style & design’. We searched for the right balance between sound performance and size coupled with our unique glass casing which defines all Waterfall products. The result is our most versatile and affordable SERIO speaker line, and its success so far is outstanding.”

Waterfall Audio products are distributed in the UK by INVISION UK.

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