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Great railway journeys ahead for Barix

David Davies 9 September 2010
Great railway journeys ahead for Barix

Montreux-Oberland-Bernois (MOB) Railways in Switzerland has become the first customer of the new Barix Annuncicom 155 networked Audio over IP device (pictured), which was specifically devised for harsh operating conditions.

Barix partner Railtec Systems GmbH will exhibit a new panorama carriage featuring the device on the open-air grounds at the Innotrans show in Berlin later this month.

Switzerland-based Railtec Systems is currently outfitting 14 locomotives and railcars, along with about 60 passenger carriages operated by MOB Railways with networked Annuncicom 155 devices. The first installations were delivered to the rail operator last month.

The Barix devices will be integral to the configuration of MOB Railways’ pioneering passenger information and announcement system, with the Barix devices handling bidirectional exchange of live announcements and priority, monitoring control information over a TCP/IP network.

“The Annuncicom 155 is a very robust, flexible Audio over IP device and fits perfectly into our information systems,” said Railtec Systems MD Lorenz Trachsel, who highlighted the suitability of the zone-splitting function to the scenic Golden Pass Services route: “With selective announcements, systems configured by Railtec enable the relay of commentary to travel groups as they pass by the mountain panorama.  This is an ideal feature as the 4,000-meter peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains are on this route.” 

Another aspect of the Barix system’s flexibility was pinpointed by Railtec Systems project leader Carmelo Dimotto: “Crucial in our decision in choosing Barix was the fact that we can monitor all inputs and outputs in the system. Every Annuncicom 155 also checks continually for short circuits and line breaks. These readings are displayed in the locomotive or control car, providing the train conductor with a continuous overview of system status. In addition, prioritising of announcements is programmable, giving automatic priority to safety announcements.  The systems are certified for emergency calls through this level of safety.”

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