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Graffiti Bar patrons enjoy MultiTouch experience

Ian McMurray 22 November 2010
Graffiti Bar patrons enjoy MultiTouch experience

Finnish company MultiTouch has provided seven 46in and seven 32in MultiTouch Cell LCD units set up as bar-top and lounge tables and two large wall projection screens in Tokyo’s Graffiti Bar. They employ what is described as a novel interface that includes interactive visual effects, a multitouch menu for bar patrons, and information capture on patron’s VIP cards and drink glasses.

MultiTouch worked closely with Green Light Productions on the Graffiti Bar installation, which is located in Tokyo’s Roppongi area and targeted toward a high-end clientele, with 120 seats in a high-concept interactive art installation.

Central to the theme of the Graffiti Bar – which offers ‘artistic dining’ – patrons can draw their own graffiti on the MultiTouch displays, and can browse drink and food menus, interact with their waiters, play games, and enjoy media content provided by the bar. 

Interactive special effects, including virtual champagne bubbles and lightning bolts, react to touch and objects placed on the tables. VIP cards placed on the MultiTouch displays will trigger exclusive VIP content.  All content is remotely controlled from the MultiTouch Control Interface, located behind the bar.

“Bars and restaurants have evolved in the past four decades from table screen implementations of videogames, such as Pong, to large-screen projection TVs and, of course, high-definition displays, for patron enjoyment,” said Mike Verweyst,  the owner of Green Light Productions. “Now, the multitouch, multi-user display enables restaurateurs to deliver specialized – even individualised – content to patrons, and provide application which complement patron’s mobile applications. Our clientele benefits from the MultiTouch displays as an active ingredient in their existing human interactions; we can generate an experience that is unparalleled for today’s bar patrons.”

Introduced in 2009, the MultiTouch Cell product family has been sold in more than 30 countries, and installed in venues including the recent Wall of Chile installation at the Chilean Pavilion at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. The Cell products are used for broadcast, retail, advertising, exhibitions, museums, education and design.

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