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Estate agents stands out with LG interactive window display

Duncan Proctor 22 July 2015
Estate agents stands out with LG interactive window display

Goodman and Lilley estate agents has fronted its new branch in Bristol with an LG 47in high brightness screen with integrators Intouch Display specifying the touch controlled screen and fitting the solution into the window display.

The South West-based estate agent is already well known in Portishead, Somerset, but wanted to expand into Bristol and needed a way of standing out from the established brands on the high street. The solution they sought was one that could attract customers’ attention and maximise their window space. However, the shop front faces due south which presented the challenge of consistent direct sunlight and made any solution prone to overheating.

Intouch specialises in creating interactive solutions for the estate agent sector with everything done in-house from the software and hardware to the on-site installation. They also provide graphic design, brand identity and bespoke content creation with regular updates and 24-hour monitoring.

An LG 47in high brightness unit is at the heart of the system, featuring 2,000Nit brightness to ensure that the high ambient lighting doesn’t affect the content. The display features LG’s proprietary transflective technology, which embraces natural sunlight, reflecting its light out through the LCD panel, enhancing the native brightness of the backlight LEDs and reducing power consumption. The display also has a wide 178° viewing angle to capture the attention of potential clients as they approach the display.

Steve Blackaller, sales executive at Intouch Display explained: “We tested the LG display and found it to have the best luminance, which was hugely important, as 35% of our installations face south. Our longest standing unit of this type has been in situ for 26 months now proving extremely reliable and robust, even in challenging hot environments. We monitor our installations remotely 24 hours a day so if any problems occur we are always the first to know.”

Nikita Bennett-Clements, marketing manager at Goodman and Lilley commented: “Within the first six months we have beaten even the most ambitious targets that we set ourselves so we are really pleased with the effect that this installation has had. People’s lives are so frantic nowadays that they need to be able to browse properties in their own time, so the addition of the touchscreen display provides customers with this control. They can determine their search criteria and browse comprehensive property information, even when the shop is closed.”

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