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GLP LEDs utilised for China’s new Harbin Music Hall

Duncan Proctor 26 May 2015
GLP LEDs utilised for China’s new Harbin Music Hall

The new Harbin Music Hall has installed GLP Spot One LED light fixtures in preparation for the Harbin Summer Music Festival.

The Chinese city of Harbin is well known for its music and in particular the Harbin Summer Music Festival, which this new venue was specifically developed for. The 20,000sqm building was designed back in 2010 by Japanese designer Arata Isozaki with the shape resembling floating ice crystals to demonstrate the art of ice engraving.

The technical infrastructure at the Harbin Music Hall is based on high level concert spec and among the brands specified by installers Guangzhou Ruisheng Lighting & Audio Equipment Co. Ltd. were GLP’s Spot One, working under consultants Arata Isozaki & Associates of Shanghai. The fixtures were supplied by China-RS, GLP distributor for China and Macau, who were also responsible for the audio and lighting design.

The Spot One fixture features an RGB LED engine with eight or 16-bit control over each colour allowing for colour changes or bumps. With a vast colour spectrum ranging from soft pastel colours to deep saturated shades.

The grand hall uses 42 Spot One fixtures, 24 on the overhead truss, six more as a floor package, while in the small hall, eight further Spot Ones have been deployed in the overhead truss and another four as a floor package.

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