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Glasses-free 3D LCD

test 3 February 2010
Glasses-free 3D LCD

There’s a school of thought that suggests 3D will only take off out of the home with technology that requires no glasses.

The Netherlands’ innovator Zero Creative believes it has achieved just that. Its xyZ 3D display has been designed to make it possible to distinguish real depth in a LCD display.

The displays, which come in four sizes, ranging from 24in to 71in, feature a lenticular lens to provide eight multiviews.

These B2B screens are intended as eye-catchers during special events or for showcasing exclusive content.

A complete signage solution based on these monitors can be arranged with the firm’s 3DZingage platform. This includes an interactive two-way communication between viewer and system using gesture control.

The company expects to launch the first 2D/3D switchable 3D LCD monitors for the desktop, CAD or PC gaming later this year.

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