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Glass speakers from Greensound Technology

test 30 January 2012

The company is presenting three products from its new range of glass speakers, where glass is used as the vibrating surface that creates the sound, not simply as an enclosure.
The manufacturer claims that the radically different design approach delivers a superior harmonic and high-fidelity sound than traditional tweeter-and-cone-driver enclosures through a combination of specially engineered glass and a base structure.
The Serac speaker with Bravura subwoofer is Greensound’s top end glass speaker product. The Serac stands at 1.66m high, weighs 112kg, and is available in a stereo or 4.1 surround sets.
The Orbis speaker with Circa subwoofer is the next model down, and is a more compact design, but still with top quality performance in mind, albeit for smaller environments. The Luno speaker with Cube subwoofer is the smallest of the three systems, yet still stands over 1m high and weighs 36kg.
Greensound says all three systems provide a consistent listening performance, no matter where in the room the listener is positioned relative to the speaker. The manufacturer also insists that they guarantee a sophisticated level of performance, as the components will not break down over time; and because this technology employs sound projection through glass, each speaker is able to deliver true 360° sound.
Not content with throwing most of the electro-acoustic rulebook out of the window, Greensound has also designed its speaker systems so that they can be used wirelessly if desired. The supplied transmitter is simply plugged into any amplifier’s speaker output. At this point, the power of the amplifier becomes irrelevant because the signal is transmitted to the speaker’s internal digital amplifier.

Stand: 7V210

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