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Gira introduces retrofitting via radio

James McGrath 2 January 2013
Gira introduces retrofitting via radio

New from Gira is eNet, its latest solution to retrofit an electrical installation without having to prise open walls and lay new cables. Essentially it is a bi-directional radio system which is designed to both network and control home technology. Its transmitters, sensors and actuators enable lights and blinds to be controlled by radio or integrated in scenes, while the device also displays energy consumption.

When the Gira eNet Server is used, the eNet system can also be operated via the Gira Control Clients or via a smartphone or PC while away. Thanks to push-button technology, the system can be installed quickly and intuitively, which makes it suitable for both private homes and rental properties.

Gira is also presenting its DCS-IP-gateway, which has a number of new features. With the DCS Communicator, conversations can now also be accepted via Mac OS X. If no one is at home, a voice message can be played via the door station when someone rings the doorbell, and visitors can then leave audio and video messages.
With the new Skype expansion of the DCS-IP-gateway, users can see who is at the door while away from home via any device running a Skype app. With the video amplifier, distributor and multiplexer, Gira also presents three new DCS system devices for planning door communication systems more flexibly.

Stand: 7-N180

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