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Giant dnp screen gives home movies an epic feel

test 16 June 2009

Danish projection screen manufacturer dnp has announced the winner of its Installation of the Month award for June: a project designed and installed by Texan dealer Heavenly Home Theater, centred around the Supernova Epic screen. The project transformed a normal home theatre into a magnificent private screening room.

“Our client already had a good system, but he wanted to upgrade it to the very best, and install a screen that would be almost too big for the room,” commented Heavenly Home’s owner, Anthony McCormick. “One specific challenge was that the existing system did not enable viewing of movies in any other format than 16:9.”

After long consideration, the client opted for a curved 133in dnp Supernova Epic Screen to give a life-size, life-like movie experience. The screen was paired with a Cineslide and an ISCO lens, coupled to a Runco VX2000D projector, so he could take advantage of multiple formats, properly scaled and viewable, including 4:3, 1.85:1, 2.35:1, 2.40:1, and 16:9. Acoustic treatment and a pair of Velodyne subs were added to enhance the audio experience. The system was calibrated to meet ISS and HAA standards and is controlled using a Nevo Q50 remote.

“My new home theatre is stunning. The contrast is amazing and the imagery is just spectacular,” said the client. I can’t say enough good things about Heavenly Home Theater or the Supernova Epic Screen!”

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