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Gestures from Philips Pronto

test 4 February 2010
Gestures from Philips Pronto

Philips Pronto has introduced a new Gestures-style feature for most of its control panels as part of a wide range of enhancements designed to improve the ease of use, look and functionality of the Pronto control panel family.

The new Gestures feature will allow the creation of an iPhone style interface on any Pronto. Homeowners will be able to adopt a finger-slide approach to Pronto operation, covering a range of common system functions such as the super-fast scrolling of song lists and sliding volume control.

"Thanks to the popularity of the Apple iPhone, more people are becoming familiar with the look, feel and use of the touchscreen using a finger-slide action," explained Rudy Musschebroeck, marketing manager at Philips Pronto. "The new Gestures feature for Pronto anticipates this transition and will make using Pronto faster, simpler and more enjoyable for users."

Other improvements in the PEP 2.4 ProntoEditor Professional include re-sizeable and dockable windows to assist in more complex programming tasks such as creating user interface graphics, along with display and editing of multiple pages on a single screen to help with smoother, faster programming workflow.

Reusable macros, rotary wheel enhancements – actions can be ascribed to the rotation/counter-rotation of the controller’s rotary wheel, for example controlling volume or light levels and improved font selection have also been added. PEP2.4 also brings improved dynamic graphic and text property control, adjustment and object manipulation through improvements to ProntoScript.

PEP2.4 can be used to configure the complete Pronto family of two-way, programmable touchscreen panels: the Pronto TSU9300, TSU9400, TSU9600 and TSU9800.

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