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German computing college installs 35-screen eyevis videowall

Duncan Proctor 9 December 2014
German computing college installs 35-screen eyevis videowall

The Institute of Visual Computing at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg College in St Augustin has installed one of Germany’s largest interactive high-resolution videowalls. It consists of 35 seamless eyevis videowall LCDs (EYE-LCD-4600-M-USN-LD) with a complete resolution of 72 megapixels, as well as an associated workstation-cluster.

The 35 eyevis 46in displays are full HD with 1920×1080 pixel resolution and high brightness of 700 cd/sqm. In molecular research for instance, the interaction of molecules at the lowest atomic level can be observed and evaluated during the development of new medicines. When spectators take a few steps back from the wall, they are given a complete overview of the molecules on the 20sqm videowall without having to change the visualisation. In this way coherences can be observed on a larger scale.

To provide the required computing power for the visualisation on the displays, the college together with Rolf Huwer Consulting configured three workstations with three graphic cards each and four full HD connections per graphic card, which altogether output 35 full HD signals.

“For the visualisation of complex results, the computing power is insufficient. To make full-scale visualisations of products like cars or industrial machines in high quality possible, the three computers are connected to a cluster of 12 more computers. These are equipped with three high-performance graphic cards each. They calculate the demanding graphics and send them to the three computers at the display wall,” explained Prof André Hinkenjann, director of the Institute of Visual Computing.

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