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Genelec makes Green Waves in Milan

Andrew Brister 7 March 2012
Genelec makes Green Waves in Milan

Green Waves, a new venue in Milan that embraces the culture and practice of sustainable living, features an audio system complete with installation-friendly Genelec 4000 Series loudspeakers. The audio system plays background sounds and music that are designed to complement the ecological ambience of the venue. Green Waves was founded as a space for cultural events including exhibitions, games, plays, concerts alongside workshops and training sessions. All of the events are united by the desire to raise awareness of ecological and environmental issues, as well as the concept of sustainable entertainment through the use of renewable energy, music and artistic expression. Leading Technologies of Monza, Italy’s premium professional audio company, specified the Genelec 4000 Series to help meet the desired objectives. Fiore Confuorto of Leading Technologies explains: “Genelec speakers are renowned throughout the world for their superb performance in all types of environment. Furthermore, the company’s recent pioneering work in sustainable manufacturing made the 4000 Series the ideal choice for this project. The end result is a listening environment that can be tailored to suit the individual demands of each event held at GreenWaves.” Eight of the 4020A monitors finished in matt black are installed in the two rooms of the club. 

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