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Genelec embraces audio IP

test 26 January 2010

Loudspeaker manufacturer Genelec is today introducing ISE visitors to a new technology, ‘Audio Distribution over IP’.

Described as by the manufacturer as a “groundbreaking, new and cost-effective technology for future products”, Audio Distribution over IP is designed to transport with minimum latency uncompressed, high-quality audio over a standard LAN, enabling accurate synchronisation of loudspeakers on the network, to create complex, multi-channel IP-based audio systems.

With LAN networks already in use in many offices and other facilities, Genelec believes that Audio Distribution over IP will have wide application in the corporate market. Genelec plans to incorporate the technology in the near future as an extension to the current DSP monitoring systems product range.

Significant cost savings and flexible set-up are said to be among the benefits of employing LAN networks to replace dedicated audio cabling.

“Local area networks (LANs) and IP-based applications are transforming our lives both in the office and at home,” said Lars-Olof Janflod, international sales manager of Genelec. ”Inevitably, audio distribution is also going to change. Our new IP-based technology will deliver many cost, installation, and programming benefits to the integrator.

“Furthermore, our solution will be able to distribute uncompressed, high quality and professional quality audio across a LAN network, and with its visitor profile, ISE is the perfect launch platform for us to generate lots of interest in this new development,” Lars-Olof Janflod added.

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