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Gefen’s new controller

Andy Stout 1 February 2010
Gefen's new controller

The latest launch from Gefen, the DVI Video Wall Controller, is said to make it easy to control video spread over flat panel displays in a 2×2 configuration.

With the new DVI Video Wall Controller, users can equip and operate video walls using a plug-and-play system.

Gefen’s DVI Video Wall Controller comes in a small metallic enclosure equipped with one DVI input and four DVI outputs that connect to four high resolution displays.

Instead of a traditional distribution of one source to four displays, the DVI Video Wall Controller can spread the same image across two, three or all four displays. Video is output in resolutions up to 1920×1200/60 for ‘stunningly crisp video’ on all displays.

The controller is said to be ideal for digital signage applications because of its independent border control.

This function enables a seamless image across all displays, with particular attention paid to bezels to prevent skews between displays.

Users can also crop and adjust the image to create an optimal alignment. Features may be accessed through the front panel and the on-screen display menu.

The DVI Video Wall Controller comes equipped with an internal scaler that adjusts all resolutions, and includes a noise reduction feature to further enhance the image output.

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