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Gefen’s install-friendly HDMI range

test 5 February 2010
Gefen's install-friendly HDMI range

Gefen exhibited a new product range of compact switches, splitters and matrices suitable for HDMI 1.3 at ISE 2010. The new Toolbox solutions can be wall-mounted and are geared towards the needs of the installer.

More specifically, the new line comprises a 4×1 switcher, 4×2 matrix, 1:8 splitter, 1:4 splitter and 4×4 matrix.

"These are some of the smallest form factors that you will find on the market," said Gefen’s international sales manager, Aaron Lange.

Also on the Gefen stand was the extra long range extender for HDMI 1.3, IR and Ethernet over one Cat5 cable. It can be used to extend a hi-def display with multichannel digital audio at resolutions of up to 1080p60 up to 100m away from the HDMI or DVI-D source.

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