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Gefen equipment for very special new build

test 20 August 2009

The company’s AV splitters were specified for a new house-building project masterminded by a US radio home improvement programme. In a seemingly radical move, In the House Radio Show on Florida radio station In the House demolished an existing two-bedroom cottage and constructed a replacement house, which was equipped with a hard-wired HD entertainment system.

An integral element of the project was that the main entertainment centre be located in the living room and hard-wired for 5.1 surround sound, with an eye-level, wall-mounted flat panel television. There also needed to be no visible wires for power, audio and video using HDMI.

“The garage is equipped with air conditioning, an insulated door, plenty of storage for tools, as well as refrigerator hookups and a painted sealed floor, making it the perfect man’s cave,” explained show producer Josh Smith. “The garage has also been hard-wired for a wall-mounted TV, so we needed a way to allow for dual viewing of HDTV in the living room and the garage.”

With the installation of the audio/video system, Smith’s main goal was to avoid post-installation drilling or cutting into the finished drywall to run cables. The garage’s AV system was synchronised to the living room to minimise costs, and to allow for shared viewing in these areas, Smith selected the Gefen 1:2 Splitter for HDMI v1.3. Two long Gefen HDMI cables were hard-wired into the walls for HDTV connectivity.

“The HDMI cables used in the walls add a clean look to the AV set-up with no visible wires connecting the television to the cable box or power,” said Smith. “The AV portion of the install went perfectly. [In addition] the Gefen splitter allows for dual viewing in the living room and garage, which is exactly what we wanted.”

The installation was undertaken by Smith in conjunction with Universal Roofing and Construction.

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