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GDS LiteWare Satellite shines at the Isle of Man Sports and Dining Club

Andrew Brister 6 August 2012
GDS LiteWare Satellite shines at the Isle of Man Sports and Dining Club

GDS LiteWare Satellite lights up Jeffrey Archer, guest speaker at the latest dinner at members-only Isle of Man Sports and Dining Club. The Isle of Man Sporting and Dining Club is a member’s only club that provides an exclusive dining experience for corporate clients and its membership.  It holds a quarterly black tie event where dinners meet, network, and are entertained by sporting legends and celebrities alike. The venue for these elite soirées is the luxurious Mount Murray hotel set in 200 acres of Manx countryside. Past guest speakers include, Willie John McBride, Pat Cash, Hillary Devey, Terry Waite, the 1966 England Football team and Michael Portillio. GDS LiteWare Satellite was chosen by Event Lighting Services as the complete stage lighting solution for the most recent Sports and Dining Club event. The celebrity speaker illuminated by LiteWare Satellite was author and former politician Jeffrey Archer.  LiteWare Satellite offers a flexible solution for battery-based luminaries. The fittings incorporate a remote, fully-adjustable head with 360-degree pan and 180-degree tilt, and an internally wired extendable pole that can elevate the head up-to 2.6m, allowing the fitting to be focused in almost any position.  Event Lighting Services deployed four LiteWare Satellite fittings at each corner of the speaker’s platform, with 12 additional LiteWare HO (High Output) uplighters around the venue for ambient lighting. The LiteWare Satellite fittings were extended with the heads focused on the speaker at the lectern in the middle of the platform. 

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