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FutureSoftware adds to DigiSHOW range

Jo Ruddock 29 July 2010

DigiSHOW PIPView is designed to combine multiple inputs with on-board media playback for simultaneous outputs to a display.

PIPView allows multiple picture-in-pictures (PIPS) to be displayed with templates set up to show one main viewing area plus a number of smaller secondary outputs displayed around it.

According to FutureSoftware, the system provides easy switching between each output, allowing any of them to become the main viewing area at any time during a meeting or lecture. All standard Windows content can be used via live laptop feeds together with videoconferencing, live websites, live TV and even stored files from the network. The system is said to offer considerable flexibility with a user interface designed to make it easy to change the look of the entire display as well as the content shown in the main viewing area.

FutureSoftware offers a number of standard configurations for PIPView – including multiple outputs for multiple display devices – and customised versions are available on request.

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