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‘Fresh start’ for audio brand NAD

David Davies 11 May 2011
‘Fresh start’ for audio brand NAD

Home entertainment technology supplier Armour Home has announced a new ‘clean’ route to UK consumers of veteran audio brand NAD.

Under what is described as a ‘fresh start’ in the UK market, qualified retailers will be offered a separate stock profile for two-channel and/or audio-visual products, emphasising the ‘step-up’ nature of the NAD brand from the mainstream AV manufacturers.

There will also be demonstration deals dependent on a 6-month demo period in-store and the opportunity for customer-auditioning events. In addition, the participating stockist must have a member of staff certified through NAD’s online Sound Academy.

These new measures, it is said, will give the retailer additional margin/settlement benefits and access to all products including NAD Masters Series electronics and PSB speakers. Armour Home aims to offer ‘clean’ product with no supply to well-known high street and online stores where ‘heavy discounting is the main or only mode of marketing’.

As with retailers, NAD’s CI customers will need to employ or appoint a Sound Academy-trained member of staff. They will also gain margin benefits and full integration with the Systemline and Control 4 brands.

Armour Home’s NAD brand manager, Alex Munro, commented: “I think what we are offering with NAD is unique in terms of enduring, great-sounding products, faithful to the brand’s original aims and what we want to achieve through this process is to ensure that the purchasing experience meets the expectations of an evermore discerning customer. It’s wonderfully ironic that the company which was among the first to make good sound accessible through launching what was probably the most successful hi-fi amplifier of all time, the 3020, now offers the most advanced amplifiers available today including all-digital designs ready for a new generation of high quality recordings.”

NAD’s ‘Fresh Start’ was put into motion in April, with a view to having everything in place by the end of August – in time for the brand’s 40th anniversary.

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