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French eco-college specifies Anolis fixtures

test 26 February 2010
French eco-college specifies Anolis fixtures

The refurbished College Lucie Aubrac in Dunkerque is one of the country’s first HQE (High Quality Environmental) colleges. The standard for green buildings in France, HQE is based on the principles of sustainable development originally established at the 1992 Earth Summit.

The desire to provide energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting for a winter garden feature in the college’s atrium led the facility to LED and – thanks to electrical contractor SET Space Tertiare – Anolis fixtures. A long-time aficionado of Anolis products, SET Space Tertiare specified eight Anolis ArcSource Outdoor 36 RGB devices. Offering an IP rating of 68, the ArcSource RGB fixtures are mounted on the floor of the garden, which is encased in a large glass conservatory, and form a beacon of light at night. Power comes from an ArcPower 36 driver, while the ArcPower’s internal programme sets the fixtures on a straightforward colour-changing chase.

The Anolis RGB devices were supplied by Anolis’s French distributor, Ambiance Lumiere, via their commercial agent LUMIRU. "It is great prestige for Anolis to be chosen for this application and to provide a very neat and attractive solution, and hopefully we will see a lot more of this type of application," said Ambiance’s Patrice Vandenbussche.

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