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Fraunhofer, Volfoni support 3D Theatre

Andy Stout 2 February 2011
Fraunhofer, Volfoni support 3D Theatre

Unsurprisingly, the 3D Theatre is playing to full houses as ISE visitors take the opportunity to find out more about a technology that could prove pivotal in the AV market. Topics under discussion range from 3D content creation to the glasses used to view that content. Two key participants are Fraunhofer and Volfoni.

“We have technologies and solutions that cover a large part of the 3D chain from creation through capture, from encoding to transmission,” said Ralf Tanger of Fraunhofer, noting that encoding is an area of specific expertise for his organisation. He is also discussing with visitors Fraunhofer’s Stereoscopic Analyzer – known as STAN – which helps in the capture of 3D content, combining real time image analysis with intelligent visualization tools and an intuitive graphics interface to assist cameramen and production staff in shooting the right content for 3D post-production and 3D live events.

Paris-based Volfoni is using ISE to launch the company’s Activeyes glasses. These are, according to the company’s managing director, Jerome Hamacher, revolutionary in concept in a number of ways. First, they are both active and passive – meaning that only one pair needs to be used, whatever the 3D technology. Second, they are compatible with all 3DTVs, automatically recognising the TV and adjusting to its requirement. “For 3DTVs not yet launched, we will make available a simple, downloadable firmware update,” said Hamacher. Third, by separating the receiver from the glasses, the glasses are much lighter and more comfortable to wear. Two pairs of glasses can be plugged into a single receiver, reducing cost.

“Although Activeyes were originally designed as a consumer device, their support for both IR and RF technology is making them very attractive in a number of professional applications,” said Hamacher.

Fraunhofer: Stand 9B129
Volfoni: Stand 9B143

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