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Focus on Retail at DiSCO 2012

Jo Ruddock 20 January 2012
Focus on Retail at DiSCO 2012

How can retailers use digital signage and multimedia technology to help products fly off the shelves? How can content-providers ensure their message is novel and engaging? And how can systems integrators use technology to add value to retail projects? These questions and more will be answered by the 2012 edition of DiSCO – the Digital Signage Conference. Co-located with Integrated Systems Europe and taking place on Monday 30 January, the day before the show opens, DiSCO 2012 will act as a platform for the promotion of successful digital advertising solutions in the retail space. Thousands of digital-signage installations have been rolled out by European retailers in the past few years. But only a percentage of them have genuinely created increased customer dwell-time, sales volumes and profit margins for their owners. DiSCO 2012 will help Europe’s digital advertising community identify the keys to a successful retail roll-out, by showcasing ‘best practice’ examples from a mixture of sources. And that’s not all. DiSCO 2012 will also stage a number of presentations aimed at broadening delegates’ technology and business awareness. Kari Mettala of Panphonics will present ‘The Downfall of the Silent Movie: Audio in Digital Signage for Retail’ – a timely reminder that sound, as well as images, can make the difference between an attractive retail space and a dull one. Similarly, Michael Russo of Tridelity AG will encourage delegates to think beyond flat images when he presents ‘Entering a New Dimension: 3D Digital Signage for Premium Retail’. And Swisscom’s Nitin Madan will explode the myth that digital advertising is only for major global brands with his talk titled ‘Competing with the Merchants of Cool: How Digital Signage Can Help Small Retailers Thrive’. Finally, Leo Kivijarv of the respected market-research organisation PQ Media will present the latest snapshot of the DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) marketplace worldwide, including an exclusive analysis of data not scheduled for general release until March 2012. As ever, the day will include plenty of chances to network among stakeholders representing every link in the digital-signage value chain, while an added attraction this year is the ISE Keynote Address and Opening Reception, which follow the conclusion of the DiSCO 2012 programme and offer further new opportunities for business and socialising. Click here to view the full DiSCO 2012 programme and to pre-book your place online. 

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