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First Finnish installation for JBL’s CBT100LA

test 4 December 2009

The column enclosures have been fitted at the Latokartano Sports Hall in Helsinki. Eight of the compact passive line array cabinets have been installed as part of a complete sound reinforcement fit-out undertaken by systems contractor Pertti Krautsuk of Workland.

Notable features of the CBT (Constant Bandwith Technology) speakers include a switch that allows the user to select either long-throw or mid-throw dispersion patterns.

The need to facilitate high quality music playback and speech intelligibility were among the factors that informed Kraustuk’s selection of the CBT Series loudspeakers for the Latokartano Sports Hall, which comprises two large areas that can be combined into a single, larger space.

Although another solution was initially on the agenda, Krautsuk noted that “having seen the visuals and specifications [of the CBT100LA] I was certain that this was the correct choice. Having heard the system I have to admit that its performance is definitely superior to the alternative model.”

The final specification comprises two transportable systems, which come into play when the partition curtain divides the room into two independent spaces. Four CBT100 enclosures have been installed down the long walls – one side runs silent and the other with music – while a Crown XLS 602 amplifier feeds two speakers from Channel 1 and two from Channel 2. The two sections are controlled independently via a Crown mixer.

Workland has also installed JBL Control 28 speakers in a separate gym area at the complex.

“Both the customer and I are delighted with the new JBL speaker system,” said Kraustuk. “No outboard gear was necessary as we were able to use the built-in controls in the Broad Dispersion position to cover the area properly and in the Music position to maximise the low-end power.”

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