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Features upgrade for Meridian system users

David Davies 21 December 2011
Features upgrade for Meridian system users

The latest updates cover a wide range of Meridian DSP loudspeakers and Surround Sound Controllers, including the 861 V4 and V6 (pictured).

Other products covered by the firmware update – which can be carried out by a Meridian retail partner – are the G68, G61, G61R, C61R, DSP3100, DSP5000, DSP5200, DSP6000, DSP7000, DSP7200, and DSP8000.

For Meridian Surround Sound Controllers, this update brings two significant performance enhancing features: the addition of Meridian’s proprietary ‘apodising’ style upsampling filters – a technology designed to help make music, TV and movie soundtracks sound better than ever; and an enhancement to the DIRECT and STEREO DSP pre-sets, the DSP modes that the Meridian Surround Sound Controller employs when the user wishes to listen in two-channel.

For those using Meridian DSP Loudspeakers with a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System, there is improved system integration, making it easier to operate the system through a single control device. For DSP Loudspeaker models that are already capable of upsampling, Meridian has added its proprietary apodising style upsampling filters. And for all Meridian’s three-way DSP Loudspeakers, the company has developed an improved method of crossover alignment that improves low-frequency timing and accuracy, and delivers enhanced stereo imaging.

There is also an update to the new Audio Core 200 – Meridian’s two-channel system controller – with the features it needs to control the new DSW, Meridian’s first DSP subwoofer.

As with previous firmware updates from Meridian, existing owners can benefit from the new features free of charge. Meridian firmware updates are provided and installed by the user’s authorised Meridian retailer or installer.

To arrange for a Meridian system to be updated please visit:–features-upgrade.aspx

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