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Fancy some Extra Vegetables for your Apple TV?

test 16 December 2009

The Beyond the Invisible associated brand has introduced a full two-way Control4 driver for Apple TV. The new Control4 Driverworks driver – which is part of a growing range from Extra Vegetables – enables music to be played from iTunes in Control4 for the first time.

With many customers now storing their music in iTunes and wishing to access it via their Control4 remotes, touch panels and on-screen displays, Extra Vegetables has launched a two-way interface for an Apple TV connected to an iTunes account. Music stored in iTunes can be selected directly on the Control4 touchpanels and remote controls, and it is not necessary to turn on the TV or computer.

Ready to load into a Control 4 project and requiring no modifications on the Apple TV, the Control4 Driverworks driver for Apple TV is available now from the Extra Vegetables website (link below).

“Up to now the only way of easily accessing DRM and non-DRM AAC music with Control4 has been via an iPod and iPod dock,” noted Extra Vegetables’ head of marketing, Jane Scotland. “Having to load music onto an iPod to play it at home is cumbersome given that the music is already sitting on iTunes. By using an Apple TV and the Extra Vegetables driver, the integration into the Control4 interface is seamless. Clients can rip music in iTunes or buy tracks from the iTunes store and enjoy them in every room immediately. It makes setting up a system so much quicker as it is no longer necessary to reform or convert your client’s existing iTunes library.”

A ‘trading style’ of UK-based home technology designer and integrator Beyond the Invisible, Extra Vegetables reflects the company’s belief that “even the finest menu can be complemented by some extra vegetables on the side”.

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