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eyevis omniSHAPES videowalls modernise Australian War Memorial

Duncan Proctor 11 May 2015
eyevis omniSHAPES videowalls modernise Australian War Memorial

The First World War galleries inside the Australian War Memorial in Canberra have been modernised with two eyevis omniSHAPES videowalls displaying black and white photographs and videos.

“As the only rear-projection-units, the omniSHAPES were thereby able to fulfil all structural requirements and at the same time guarantee black and white representation without disturbing colour shifts, even for viewing angles from the side,” said Norbert Schmiedeberg, CEO of the Australian ITI-Image Group Pty. Ltd.

The two videowalls consist of 79 eyevis omniSHAPES displays installed by Rutledge AV and ITI Image Group. Photographs and videos are presented, documenting the everyday life in war of Australian soldiers. The images captured on the photographic plates were scanned in high-resolution and digitally restored for the presentation at the exhibition. The two displays are in 7×7 and 6×5 configurations and the larger display has a resolution of more than 23.5 megapixels.

To be able to display black and white photographs without disturbing colour shifts, eyevis engineers and the ITI Image Group enabled a finer adjustment of colour values and gamma correction through a feature-update in the integrated image processing system of the omniSHAPES.

Due to certain standard, the display modules could not exceed a certain installation depth because of the limited space and had to feature front support. The omniSHAPES fulfilled this through default front and back support, and the small installation depth of 425mm.

“Today it’s likely to use modern media to make history accessible to younger people. With its multi-media approach the Australian War Memorial presents the events of the two World Wars from an Australian perspective. Our omniSHAPES allow an impressive experience and lasting commemoration of history even for younger generations through the use of latest technology,” commented Christian Massmann, CEO of eyevis Group.

Picture courtesy of Mental Media/ ITI Image Group

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