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Extending the wireless family: Crestron unveils new touchpanel controller

test 8 December 2006

Crestron has announced the launch of the new TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanel – a new addition to its range of wireless media centre touchpanels. Available in a new compact design, the TPMC-8X allows users to control all systems, including lighting, heating, security, blinds/curtains and much more all at the touch of a button. Users are also able to surf the internet, stream digital media, email and carry out other PC-based tasks all from this one wireless device.

The TPMC-8X features an embedded Windows XP Operating System that provides secure onboard PC functionality including 802.11 a/b/g wireless capabilities. It also features more than 1.5 GB of memory to provide high-speed performance in an ergonomic, lightweight, portable design.

TPMC-8X offers an additional range of features including a 8.4in SVGA screen for displaying 3D graphics and streaming video, built-in Bluetooth technology, biometric scanner, stereo speaker system and microphone.

Robin Van Meeuwen, managing director of Crestron UK explains: "It is great to be able to expand our range of touchpanel control solutions. The TPMC 8X, builds on the continued success of the TMPC 10, and provides users with the latest wireless communications and control technology at the touch of a button – all in a stylish and highly portable package."


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