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Expanded sustainability feature for PLASA Show

David Davies 26 July 2011
Expanded sustainability feature for PLASA Show

The Theatres Trust will again participate in the PLASA Show this year with an expanded version of its Ecovenue feature, which provides an insight into the sustainability practices of 48 London theatres.

Located in Earls Court 2, the feature represents a theatre-in-miniature, complete with ‘auditorium’, ‘stage’, ‘backstage’, ‘foyer’ and ‘box office’. In each area, The Theatres Trust will demonstrate proven sustainability techniques, as well as featuring technologies from PLASA 2011 exhibitors.

Tim Atkinson, theatre building services advisor to The Theatres Trust, commented: “The larger space means our stage will be able to accommodate a greater variety of presentations and events. Another key development is that, whereas last year we had only signed up half of the Ecovenue project theatres, this year we have the full 48 on-board and can look at their individual progress to sustainability."

The People’s Choice Award for sustainable theatrical products will be presented at a reception on the Trust’s stand at 5pm on Tuesday 13 September. The entries will be displayed by The Theatres Trust throughout the show, and the award is voted for by PLASA 2011 visitors. Entries are being received now via the Ecovenue website (link below).

There will also be a number of other sustainability-oriented events at this year’s show, including two hosted by The Theatres Trust.

“We are concentrating on helping venues in a practical way, including energy monitoring and energy management, and developing the skills of building administrators in finding that information and putting it into practice,” said Atkinson. “We are also looking at a group energy purchasing scheme since many small venues lack the clout to get a decent rate on electricity. The director of The Theatres Trust will launch our conference report on Monday 12 September at the show, and on the Tuesday I will present a seminar looking at what it takes to put sustainability at centre stage for performing arts venues, and what practical steps venues can take to reduce their cost and improve sustainability.”

Image Credit: Chris Toulmin

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