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EV opts for Arthur Holm to harmonise technology with architecture

Andrew Brister 10 July 2012
EV opts for Arthur Holm to harmonise technology with architecture

French system integrator EV Corporate has completed a project involving state-of-the-art video and audio solutions from Arthur Holm and Brahler. Arthur Holm’s AH17D216A unit was chosen for this installation as well as flush-mounted Brahler units. Arthur Holm’s retractable screens are built in an elegant housing made of anodised aluminium and they are used to enable meeting attendants to follow the presentations or the voting results during the conference. With the screens retracted, only the gooseneck microphones are visible, and if necessary, these can be screwed off. The monitors appear and disappear inside the table top by simply pushing a button. Movement is fast and silent, with a tilting system that delivers a more ergonomic working position and improved viewing angles. The digital built-in CDSVAN units transmit up to 32 language channels. Furthermore, the customer opted for a voting unit with three illuminated keys for voting and evaluation. 43 built-in units were used in this project; each unit has an interface for plugging in a LED lamp. With a gooseneck microphone and a gooseneck lamp on every unit, the delegates can adjust their environment to suit their needs.  According to Henrik Holm, Arthur Holm’s general manager: “New times require new communication tools and the products conceived by Arthur Holm respond perfectly to this need, since they harmonise technology with architecture and interior design. The passion of our company is to integrate the latest technology within aesthetic and ergonomic concepts that help to create meeting areas where ideas are born, strategies are developed and key decisions are taken.”

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