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Genelec in-ceiling speakers selected for Polish museum install

Duncan Proctor 13 October 2015
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The European Solidarity Centre (ESC) in Gdansk, Poland has been equipped with a sound reinforcement system with more than 80 Genelec loudspeakers in the seven rooms of the permanent exhibition, which celebrates the Polish struggle against communism.

The ESC is a museum and library named after the trade union and civil resistance movement of Communist Eastern Europe, and was designed by Polish firm FORT Architects. Konsbud Audio were tasked with supplying and installing the audio system for the permanent exhibition, where one of the main requirements was for a discreet system that could be easily integrated into the interior of the museum.

Konsbud selected a combination of 4000 Series loudspeakers and several products from the architectural range, including in-wall and in-ceiling mounted units. The Genelec loudspeakers feature in the first floor rooms that are themed around important events and people in Polish history; Birth of Solidarity, Power of the Powerless, Solidarity and Hope, and the John Paul II Room, as well as those on the second floor; War with the Society, Road to Democracy and Triumph of Freedom.

Genelec loudspeakers used included the 6010BPM, 6010BWM, 4030BMM, 4030BWM, 4020BMM, 5040BPM, 8040BPM as well as architectural models AIC25 and AIW25 mounted in-wall and in-ceiling. These particular models are characterised by a narrow dispersion angle, which reduces mutual acoustic interferences between individual units.

In the Pope John Paul II room, a surround sound system has been created which features hidden Genelec 6010As integrated into a unique collage, which pays tribute to the shipyard workers who were killed during the struggles. These combine with AIC25 loudspeakers mounted overhead.

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