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European debut for Vu TelePresence

Andy Stout 2 February 2011
European debut for Vu TelePresence

USA-based Vu TelePresence has launched its HD video conferencing system to the European market. Vu TelePresence enables entrepreneurial businesses to conduct remote meetings, reviews and interviews from the office or boardroom ‘with the realism of higher-end systems costing 3-5 times the price’.

Operating across lower bandwidth environments, Vu TelePresence provides audio and video with HD picture quality. The system comes complete with Vu Master Control Unit, Vu Pan-Tilt Zoom Camera, Vu Speakers and Vu Microphone.

“For those smaller organisations looking to grow, Vu TelePresence adds the sophistication of Fortune 500 technology without breaking the bank,” said chief executive officer Devita Saraf. “While other companies in the industry are focused on scaling down their large enterprise solutions to fit a different market, Vu is a customised solution specifically made for entrepreneurs and SMB professionals.

“We look at ‘Vu-ing’ in the workplace not just as a cost-cutting measure, but as the new business lexicon. We see it as the next telephone, not as a substitute for travel.”

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