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ETC updates SmartFade control desk line

Andrew Brister 22 December 2010
ETC updates SmartFade control desk line

ETC has released new software for its SmartFade range of lighting control desks, including a number of new and exciting features – such as native support for LED fixtures with up to seven colours.

Previously, if an entry-level lighting desk was able to control LED fixtures at all, it provided only the most basic support for red, green and blue. As manufacturers add further LED colours, more advanced control is necessary – this means that a SmartFade ML desk is now able to control ETC Selador LED fixtures, which contain up to seven different colours.

Other updates in SmartFade v3 include:
• a completely redesigned stack, in which cues can be recorded in any order, then played back in the correct sequence;
• over 3000 personalities, more than double than in previous versions;
• when the stack is on, the displays in SmartFade ML now include the step name and the running times;
• consoles are now set to default on to General MIDI and interconnect immediately;
• it is now possible to turn off rubberbanding on memory faders. This allows moving light parameters to move to new positions as you take up a fader and remain there when the fader is taken down;
• SmartSoft is now compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit operating systems for live connection to either a SmartFade or SmartFade ML console;
• and a number of bug fixes.

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