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ETC Source Four HID luminaires light World Press Photo exhibition in Lisbon

Paddy Baker 21 May 2013
ETC Source Four HID luminaires light World Press Photo exhibition in Lisbon

More commonly encountered in theatres, Source Four luminaires from ETC have been supplied to the Museu da Eletricidade (Museum of Electricity) in Lisbon.

“We first worked with the museum’s managers about two years ago, when they bought tungsten ETC Source Four luminaires,” said Vitor Paiva, commercial director at ETC dealer Luzeiro, “They were impressed, and asked to look at other models in the Source Four range. Key to their specification was that they need low maintenance and high light output.”

So at the end of last year, the museum supplemented its exhibition lighting with 24 ETC Source Four HID fixtures, which were immediately put to use on a display by Portuguese painter Vitor Pomar. These were deemed such a success that the managers ordered a further 34 to light the World Press Photo exhibition, which runs throughout May.

“The lighting was the subject of great acclaim,” said Paiva, “both on the part of the international organisers, and of the television companies who visited and interviewed photographers under the Source Four lights.”

The Source Four HID has a long-life lamp and produces less heat per lumen output than tungsten luminaires – plus a 150W HID Source Four fixture provides an output close to that of its 575W tungsten counterpart.

The ETC Source Four HID fixtures supplied by Luzeiro deliver a precisely focused beam of light, showing off the spectacular photography to great effect. The exhibition, which travels to 45 countries over the course of a year, is a display of the best photos that have appeared in print in the past year, and follows an awards ceremony in Amsterdam.

Picture: Luzeiro

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