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ETC solutions for celebrated Warsaw building

Paddy Baker 4 May 2010
ETC solutions for celebrated Warsaw building

The Palace of Culture and Science has been equipped with an ETC Congo jr control desk and 144 channels of SmartPack dimming. One of Poland’s most celebrated buildings, Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science encompasses a number of theatres, museums and offices.

As part of the recent project, ETC’s Polish distributor, Prolight, installed a Congo jr control desk and 144 channels of SmartPack dimming in the theatre. Ease of use was among the key factors to inform the selection of the Congo, which is reportedly the most popular control desk in Poland.

"The staff at the theatre specified Congo jr because it is very similar to their previous desk, so they did not have to spend much time learning how to use the system," commented Prolight’s sales director, Radosław Zacheja. "We provided a complete package, including lighting, mechanics and truss, and the electrical network, which we based on Net3."

Now suitable for live performance and conference events as a result of the refurbishment, the theatre also features SmartPack dimming to control the house lights, with a connection to the Congo desk so that the lighting operator can easily control both house and stage lights.

Reflecting on the overall Polish market for ETC, the manufacturer’s European promotions and advertising manager, Rosi Marx, told IE: "The market in Poland is buoyant at present, with a number of projects with a significant amount of ETC equipment in progress or recently completed. By increasing our presence at such an interesting venue, we’re pleased to be able to further extend our reach. We’re very pleased to have been able to supply one of the most iconic buildings in the region."

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