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ETC introduces Source Four Mini luminaire

Andrew Brister 1 April 2013
ETC introduces Source Four Mini luminaire

ETC announces a new arrival in the Source Four family of lighting fixtures: the Source Four Mini. The new luminaire is said to ideal for low-ceiling applications. At 23cm long and weighing just 740g, the Mini is the tiniest Source Four ever, but it still lives up to the family name. As Jim Uphoff, ETC fixtures product manager, says: “Don’t let the size of the Source Four Mini fool you. It may be cute, but it’s a serious lighting tool. Its 50 watt lamp is brighter than you’d expect from an instrument of this size.”  The Mini is designed with the DNA of the Source Four family, with crisp optics, crystal-clear image projection, a bright, even field, and user-friendly operation.  The size of the Source Four Mini means even more installations can have Source Four functionality. Joe Bokelman, ETC architectural market manager, explains: “The Source Four Mini is a perfect fit for small-scale installations, like low-ceiling venues or puppet theatres. And venues that need an extremely low-profile fixture that can easily blend into an architectural or artistic design – museums, shops, theatre lobbies and restaurants, for example, will like the Mini in a big way.” The Source Four Mini, which is available in black, white or silver-grey as standard – or a wide range of other colours on special order – has four field-angle choices, and it is available as a portable version or a canopy-mount design with an integral transformer. All models accept a range of accessories and include an E-size gobo holder and a gel media frame. 

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