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ETC introduces Source Four LED

Andrew Brister 4 April 2012
ETC introduces Source Four LED

ETC’s Source Four theatrical spotlight is now available in high efficiency LED version. The luminaire will initially be available in three varieties: Lustr+, Daylight and Tungsten. ETC’s popular line of profile spotlights just got bigger. ETC’s Source Four started with the HPL lamp. Then the Source Four HID was added to the range. And now there’s the ETC Source Four LED, featuring brilliant colours, low heat and even more energy-saving efficiency. “We knew that if we were going to build a profile fixture powered by LEDs, it had to be worthy of the Source Four name,” said ETC’s product manager for the Source Four LED, Matthew Armendariz-Kerr. “When you think Source Four, you think beauty of light, efficiency and industry standard appearance. We had to achieve all three. Our engineers and designers went to work on it and delivered – in a big way. They were able to package our exclusive Selador LED x7 Color System in a bright fixture that is shaped and sized like a Source Four and offers the quality and functionality designers expect.” The Source Four LED produces a sharp, clean beam of focusable light or a smooth wash, to give extra versatility to almost all lighting projects. The luminaire will initially be available in three varieties: Lustr+, Daylight and Tungsten. Just like ETC’s Desire Lustr+ luminaire, the Source Four LED Lustr+ offers a complete palette of colours, thanks to the Selador x7 Color System. Meanwhile, Source Four LED Tungsten and Daylight produce maximum brightness at the respective warm (3000K) and cool white (5600K) colour temperatures. Each offers the same projection quality beam. The Source Four LED is perfect for venues where energy efficiency is highly important, or where seamless and silent colour changing may be required. And it is specifically designed to work well alongside traditional types of lighting: “There has to be a benefit when adding new technology to a lighting rig,” said Armendariz-Kerr. “With LEDs, there has always been implied energy efficiency. Unfortunately, this has not always been true with all LED fixtures, especially some of the current LED profiles on the market. But efficacy has always been an ETC imperative. So, with the Source Four LED, we demanded that the amount of light we produce for the power used be exceptional. With this new line of fixtures we are achieving between 30 and 40 lumens per watt, depending on the model. These are compelling numbers, best in class compared to other offerings.”

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